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Black Locust Lumber

What we do

Black Locust Lumber, is the industry leader in creating custom finished wood products from domestic Black Locust wood. The naturally rot-resistant wood is a sustainable alternative for chemically-treated lumber and endangered tropical hardwoods. Black Locust’s durable composition lends itself to be a “lifetime” application; it is not uncommon for the wood to last beyond 50 years. Requiring little to no maintenance, Black Locust is the ideal building material for architectural projects including, but not limited to decking, fencing and site-furnishes. With the capability in place, consistent resources and inventory in stock, Black Locust Lumber can satisfy projects with extensive, high-profile demands.

Our material

Black Locust Lumber is a sustainable business that strides to maintain the most impeccable environmental standards in our progressive industry. At our sawmills locations, we utilize 100% of the material from our Black Locust logs -- from bark to sawdust. As a custom sawmill, we are capable of utilizing every piece of lumber for different projects and products, depending on the aesthetic quality. The lumber that does not meet our Furniture, Premium or No.1 Grade standards is used for agricultural and industrial products. Excess fiber and sawdust is used as biomass for bioenergy. Our philosophy is zero-waste. We are a vertically intergraded company that is involved with the lumber every step of the way, from our own procurement foresters to the administrative staff. All of our products are 100% Lacey Act Compliant.

Who we are

D.Stubby Warmbold, Black Locust Lumber’s Founder, Rooted In Urban Forestry. He is a true beliver that a "when a tree dies it’s just the beginning of its usefulness" and in a mission to create value-added” products out of sustainable wood.