Black Locust Lumber

Black Locust Lumber, is the industry leader in creating custom finished wood products from domestic Black Locust wood.

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We are the certified source of FSC Black Locust Lumber Worldwide

Sustainable Design Made for Life Using Black Locust wood products, incorporating the most sustainable manufacturing practices

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Our products are 100% sustainable

Using black locust as the sole material of all our products and projects we are aiming to keep the world and our future clean and durable.

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Proflow Pavers

A patent-pending design utilizing Robinia, these wood permeable pavers are naturally rot-resistant for a lifetime of 50 years or more. Rainwater is able to pass through the 3/8 inch(in metric too) paver joints and natural bio-filters, for maximum water filtration. While permeating through each filter, the water quality is improved and runoff pollution is reduced. Robinia permeable pavers help restore and recharge groundwater resources while reducing the heat island effect. Our paver setts are available in custom sizes. To receive LEED certification, Robinia permeable paver setts can satisfy prerequisites and earn points to achieve different levels of certification.

Boardwalks & Decking

Black Locust has an extensive 20+ year history with boardwalks and decking, that has stood the test of time. Our projects have ranged from Presidential libraries, botanical gardens to wetland pathways, and private residences. Black Locust Lumber is your experienced source when it comes to LEED Projects, Living Building Challenge, and FSC(tm) Certification.

Architectural Elements

Architectural Elements + Components are the unique details that together, create another dimension to the design of buildings, structures and homes. The sustainably harvested Black Locust provides a sunscreen that controls heat-gain and mitigates bird mortality. The natural characteristics of BL allows it to withstand the harsh UV environment. WCS is a zero carbon building, which exemplifies and celebrates the connection and balance between the natural and built worlds. LEED GOLD Certified

Site Furnishing

Black Locust Lumber is part of the trending that is happening in Site Furnishings within Landscape Architecture. Parks and Open Urbancapes are notoriously revitalizing and greening to more sustainable solutions to meet the demands of the infrastructure in Cities globally. We can custom manufacture and also laminate our Premium + Black Locust to meet your streetscape and urban furniture designs for your potential clients.

Siding and Rainscreens

Rainscreens proven wall systems that have been in use for over a century. The rainscreen design is generally defined by the separation of cladding from a structural wall in an effort to manage moisture and energy transfer through a wall assembly.