A Global Innovator

Black Locust Lumber is a global innovator in creating sustainable architectural products from Black Locust.

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A global certified source of FSC® Black Locust

Sustainable designs made for a lifetime utilizing FSC® Black Locust products incorporating the most sustainable manufacturing practices.

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The Black Locust Specialists

With decades of experience, an expansive portfolio, and award-winning architectural achievements we are the premier global source of Black Locust.

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Permeable Proflow Pavers™

A patent-pending design utilizing Black Locust, these wood permeable pavers are naturally rot-resistant for a lifetime of at least 50 years. By reducing stormwater runoff and environmental pollutants Permeable Proflow Pavers™ help restore and recharge groundwater resources while reducing the heat island effect.

Boardwalks & Decking

Black Locust boardwalks and decking are naturally durable, slip-resistant, and maintenance-free. Without the need for chemical additives, Black Locust boardwalks and decking have been used in projects including presidential libraries, commercial campuses, botanical gardens, wetland pathways, and parks.

Architectural Elements

Black Locust Architectural Elements are the unique details that together, create another dimension to the design of buildings, structures, and homes. These Black Locust designs exemplify and celebrate the connection and balance between the natural and built worlds.

Site Furnishings

Black Locust site furnishings offer a sustainable solution to assist in greening the streetscape in cities and urban spaces globally. All designs are custom manufactured to fulfil infrastructure and urban furniture projects.

Brise Soleil & Rainscreens

Black Locust brise soleil reduce heat and solar gain in buildings by deflecting sunlight. Black Locust rainscreens manage moisture and energy transfer by allowing drainage and evaporation. Both promote the longevity of building systems.