Sustainable design made for life

Black Locust is an organic product which does not require treatment or finishes to increase its longevity.

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Investing in our future

BLL aspires to become a true circular economy by providing educational and employment opportunities to underserved communities globally, through the production of Black Locust wood products, incorporating the most sustainable manufacturing practices. Black Locust Lumber Products are manufactured by years of experience working with the highest quality standards in both materials and craftsmanship. These standards are also recognized by both our social and environmental responsibility, which we respect and is consistent with our company’s environmental and sustainable management operation. Working with wood and other natural materials, helps to develop a level of patience and tolerance, with appreciation of approximation.

Our mission

Our philosophy is zero-waste. We are a vertically intergraded company that is involved with the lumber every step of the way, from our own procurement foresters to the administrative staff. All of our products are 100% Lacey Act Compliant.

Empowering people, Regional manufacturing

Partnerships with Build Rehabilitation Industries, Life’s Work and AWO Senior and Social Center Gmbh. BLL has partnered with Build Industries from the San Fernando Valley area of California. Build Industries is a non-profit workshop program dedicated to preparing developmentally disabled adults to provide an opportunity to achieve their individual employment goals. Life’s Work, was founded by women in 1927, a non-profit, whose mission is to increase quality of life of person’s with disabilities and other barriers to employment through productive employment opportunities. AWO (Workers' Welfare) Senior and Social Center GmbH West-Sachsen based in Leipzig, Germany was founded on 24 May 1997 takes the responsibility for its facilities of the stationary care for the elderly and the disabled in the region of West Saxony and sees itself as a modern service company helping the elderly and disabled people.

Organic alternative

Domestic Black Locust is a sustainable alternative to endangered tropical hardwoods (Ipe or Teak), chemically treated lumber and decay prone woods. The Rainforest Alliance lists Black Locust among of the most preferred alternatives to tropical hardwoods for outdoor applications. The harvesting of rainforest tropical hardwoods is unsustainable; the event of transporting the wood to market is ecologically unfavorable. Black Locust serves as an organic alternative- it does not require treatment or finishes- to pressure treated lumber, which is treated with a wide variety of Red List chemicals and lasts a fraction of the lifetime compared to Black Locust, and over its lifespan will leach chemicals into the surrounding environment.

The environmental benefits of Robinia

Biomimicry; Innovation inspired by nature Natural, rot-resistance, water-resistant,and anti-fungal properties Contains recycled content Reduces the Urban Heat Island Effect