Site Furnishings

Black Locust site furnishings offer a sustainable solution to assist in greening the streetscape in cities and urban spaces globally. All designs are custom manufactured to fulfil infrastructure and urban furniture projects.

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Site Furnishings

Black Locust Lumber site furnishings have become an increasingly popular material within the global landscape architecture community. Parks and urbanscapes are being revitalized to meet the demands of sustainable infrastructure in cities across the globe. As a custom manufacturer, Black Locust Lumber can meet all streetscape and urban furniture designs needs.



  • Heat Island Effect

    The light color and natural properties of Black Locust custom site furnishings make them a cooler and healthier alternative to concrete and other landscape surfaces.

  • Carbon Positive Product

    Black Locust has many environmental advantages. Carbon sequestration occurs naturally in Black Locust, and its durability allows this sequestration to exceed beyond 50 years. Our Black Locust products are minimally processed during the manufacturing, therefore, our CO2 emissions are greatly reduced.


Product Details
  • Grading


Black Locust Lumber produces a unique grade for the site furnishing industry. Please contact a Black Locust specialist for more information.

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