RoofLine Permeable Proflow Pavers™

A lightweight design for green-blue roof applications. The Roofline Permeable Proflow Pavers™ are ADA compliant and designed for easy repair of the existing roof membrane.

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RoofLine Permeable Proflow Pavers™

The Roofline Permeable Proflow Pavers™ are a patent-pending design utilizing Black Locust, these wood pavers are naturally rot-resistant for a lifetime of 50 years or more. 

Thanks to their lightweight design our Roofline Model is ideal for green-blue roof applications. They are 100% ADA compliant. The stainless steel backers’ durability allows for easy removal if the roof membrane needs repair.



Lightweight, ADA compliant, repairable design.

  • 6.2 x 6.2 x 3.8 cm
  • 1 cm
  • 10,180 psi (parallel to grain)
  • 35% area
  • 1/4 carbon Steel
  • 1.5kg
  • 16
  • 30cm x 30cm