Architectural Elements & Components

Black Locust Architectural Elements are the unique details that together, create another dimension to the design of buildings, structures, and homes. These Black Locust designs exemplify and celebrate the connection and balance between the natural and built worlds.

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Architectural Elements & Components

The sustainably harvested Black Locust provides a sunscreen that controls heat-gain and mitigates bird mortality. The natural characteristics of BL allows it to withstand the harsh UV environment. WCS is a zero carbon building, which exemplifies and celebrates the connection and balance between the natural and built worlds. LEED GOLD Certified


  • Longevity

    Black Locust is rot-resistant due to its natural genetic makeup. Natural rot-resistance, water-resistance, and anti-fungal properties give it a lifetime of 50+ years. Its durability and strength make it an excellent and long-lasting architectural element such as hand rail, Gabion benches or any custom product

  • Environmental Benefits

    The light color and material properties of Black Locust make it a cooler alternative to concrete. Black Locust aka Robinia, is an organic product that does not require treatment or finishes to increase its longevity. It is a sustainable alternative to endangered tropical hardwoods (Ipe or Teak), chemically treated lumber and decay prone woods. The Rainforest Alliance® lists Black Locust among the most preferred alternatives to tropical hardwoods for outdoor applications. No additional chemicals or surface treatment are required to extend the life and durability of Black Locust.


Product Details
ARCHITECTURAL MILLWORK As an architectural supplier of black locust aka robinia, we have the capability to manufacture your specific requirements.

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