Black Locust Lumber is a leader in creating finished wood products like decking, fencing, benches, and more, out of Black Locust wood. Black Locust wood is a naturally rot resistant wood that is replacing treated lumber, and tropical hardwoods in a wide variety of outdoor wood applications. The services we offer our customers include:

1) Project Feasibility
Are you considering using Black Locust wood on your next project? If so a phone conversation with us can answer many of your questions. Call us at (888) 501-0678 - we'd love to talk with you.

2) Finished Wood Products
We don't sell raw lumber, we sell milled lumber. We cut logs into boards and then mill the boards to create finished products such as decking, siding, etc.. We also take it one step further and create finely finished products such as benches, arbors, pergolas and a wide variety of specialty structures. If you are looking for someone to sell you rough sawn lumber that you then turn into a finished wood product - we're not the company. If you are looking for finished wood products out of Black Locust wood - we're the company.

3) Installation
We do not install the finished wood products we create. We supply your installation contractor with the finished wood. For instance you may have a decking or fencing contractor - we supply that contractor with finished decking wood, or finished fencing pieces and they install them at your job site.

4) Log Retrieval
Do you have Black Locust Wood you are looking to remove from a site? We pick-up downed Black Locust logs. We are not a tree service so we do not cut down Black Locust trees. We take the logs that a tree service has cut down and remove them from your site. If you have Black Locust you are looking to remove from a property - call us at (888) 501-0678.